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Welcome to Poppy’s World
Pop singer? YouTube star? Cult leader? Whoever she is, Poppy is here to take over the internet.
WIRED, June 2017
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Cass Elliot, Carnie Wilson, and Fat-Shaming in Rock and Pop
Make Me Over, a spin-off series from the podcast You Must Remember This, February 2020
Note: You can listen to this episode on the site linked above, on Stitcher, or on Apple Podcasts.

Catfished by Jacob Wohl
How a Texas oil heiress got scammed — and then seduced — by Twitter’s most inept Trump-loving troll.
GEN (a Medium publication), June 2019
Named one of GEN’s “14 Stories That Capture What It Felt Like to Be Alive in 2019” and one of Level’s “10 Stories LEVEL Didn’t Write, but You Should Still Read (Right Now)” 

The Super-Optimized Dirt That Helps Keep Racehorses Safe
Dozens of horses died at Santa Anita Park last year. So engineer Mick Peterson is deploying everything from sensors to satellites to keep accidents down as the Breeders’ Cup approaches.
WIRED, October 2019
Interviewed on iHeartRadio’s The Daily Dive

The Vigilante of Clallam County
Patrick Drum was tired of seeing sex offenders hurt children, so he decided to kill them.
The Atlantic, December 2013
Featured on, interviewed on Newstalk’s Moncrieff

Valley Fever: An Incurable Infection Is on the Rise. A Vaccine Remains Elusive
California Magazine, Summer 2019

The Scooter Wars
In their race to roll across San Francisco, electric-scooter companies Scoot and Skip took a surprising route: playing nice with the city.
San Francisco Magazine, November 2018

Meet Germán Garmendia, the Aggressively Normal YouTube Superstar Who Wants It All
On the internet, Latin American phenom Germán Garmendia is almost as big as Bieber. Now he’s setting his sights on Hollywood. One thing he doesn’t want: help from traditional media.
WIRED, June 2018

How the Alt-Right Infiltrated an Online Community of Animated Horse Lovers
Think My Little Pony and white supremacy don’t mix? Think again.
Playboy, July 2017

Three Days in America
Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge. Philando Castile in Falcon Heights. Police in Dallas. An oral history of the three days that rocked America.
WIRED, December 2016
Featured on, featured on The Atlantic’s Politics & Policy Daily

The Wandering Life of the Electric Horseman
With solar panels on his horses, Dane Hartwell wanders the wilderness, posting to Facebook.
The Atlantic, May 2014

The Turkey Invasion
Spurred on by animal lovers and curious passersby, wild turkeys are expanding into urban neighborhoods and taking over areas of the East Bay hills. And there’s nothing we can do about it.
East Bay Express, November 2014


The Racist Origins of San Francisco’s Housing Crisis
For decades, the city used strict zoning laws to target the poor and people of color. Today, liberal NIMBYs are fighting to preserve them.
The New Republic, May 2019

The Warriors Chased Big Money to San Francisco and Left Their Soul in Oakland
GEN (a Medium publication), October 2019

The Gray Zone
Creative Nonfiction, January 2016
(In print only, available upon request)

How RuPaul’s Drag Race Fueled Pop Culture’s Dominant Slang Engine
WIRED, March 2018

The East Bay by Horseback
Bay Nature
, Winter 2019 issue

How Bill Wurtz’s Videos Make the Internet a Better Place
The YouTuber bringing an old-school vibe to our current digital age
Ok Whatever, January 2019

The Messy Future of Connected Bathrooms
Do we really want tech everywhere with us?
New York Magazine‘s Select/All, July 2018
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Don’t Look Now, But 2016 is Resurrecting Poetry
WIRED, November 2016
Featured on The Atlantic’s “Week in Pop-Culture Writing”

Emma Cline’s Turbulent Trip to Literary Stardom
WIRED, June 2016


Crotch Explosions, Severed Heads, and Pee Cups: Yep, It’s Mary Roach on the Science of War
WIRED, June 2016

Joe Hill’s The Fireman Is About the Apocalypse. Naturally, It’s Optimistic.
WIRED, May 2016

Jonathan Blow on The Witness and the state of indie games
Gamasutra, January 2016
Included in round-up of top Gamasutra stories

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